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Review of Hukoer Mess Kit

I recently purchased the camping cookware “Mess Kit” from Hukoer. I have not used the product yet but have looked it over and examined the functional ability of it. Some of the things I love about the product are: Very lightweight, great colors, good size, compact, and some handy little tools to go with it.… Continue reading Review of Hukoer Mess Kit


More of South Cumberland State Park

Located in four different Tennessee counties: Grundy, Franklin, Marion, and Sequatchie. The park is composed of approximately 25,539 acres in nine separate areas and boasts some of the best hiking and backcountry camping in the region. The Savage Gulf and Stone Door areas of the park offer approximately 55 miles of hiking to remarkable vistas,… Continue reading More of South Cumberland State Park

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Savage Day Loop

A relatively easy hike. The hike is 4.2 miles roundtrip. There’s an excellent view of savage gulf falls. The falls are powerful flowing and you can actually see the fall from different levels. There are several features along the trail that makes it an enjoyable hike. Strategically placed throughout the woods you will cross man-made… Continue reading Savage Day Loop

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Amber Falls Winery & Cellars

Amber Falls Winery is located on a beautiful ridgetop outside of Lawrence County, TN. They have two onsite bed and breakfast style cottages and host numerous events throughout the year. Their most popular being the “Music on the Ridge” and the “Cajun Festival.” What I love most about this place, the descent into a cellar… Continue reading Amber Falls Winery & Cellars

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Visit to South Cumberland State Park

If you’ve never visited South Cumberland State Park, add it to your bucket list! It does not disappoint! It’s huge; over 90 miles of hiking and covers 6 counties. In order to get the full experience, make it a multi-day trip. However; it’s a wonderful day trip too. Numerous waterfalls and amazing views. Most waterfalls… Continue reading Visit to South Cumberland State Park

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Foster Falls – Hiking in Sequatchie, Tennessee

Foster Falls is a spectacular 60-foot waterfall plunging into a deep pool. Mountain laurel, azaleas, and hemlocks growing above the falls, along the sandstone overlook, and in the gorge below add to the beauty of this area. An easy hike will take you to the top of the falls. From there a trail will take… Continue reading Foster Falls – Hiking in Sequatchie, Tennessee